Hi Leigh, I just wanted to say a huge thank you again....I cannot....CANNOT stop looking at the photos - I have looked at them every day and honestly hold my breath every time I look through, they are beautiful. A BIG thank you to Bradley, he truly captured the essence of our wedding....chilled, relaxed and fun - but full of love. Every shot just brings the whole day back to life. Dealing with SugarLove has been my favourite part of the entire wedding organisation...everyone has been more than helpful. Thank you again to everyone in your studio - apart from marrying Alex and having Isabella, using SugarLove is the best decision I have made in a long time!!! Lots of Love, Lauren, Alex & Isabella xxxxxx


Thank you so much for couriering the pictures over to my office last week. We love the picture and I think our favourite was Bradley's shot of Nat & I up in the chairs during the Hora dance! The "Thank You" shots also came out great so appreciate Bradley going along with us on that one. It was great having Bradley & Phil there as I think each of the guys were able to capture a different take on the wedding, with Bradley capturing Nat and her family coming up the stairs of Guillaume and Phil snapping myself and guests at the ceremony (awaiting the beautiful bride). Phil's pictures were amazing and it was great to see the contrast in the lighting used by Phil & Bradley.